· Connect battery to the charger and give it a full charge. The LED indicator on the charger will go from red to green when fully charged.

· Attach your tank to the battery. Fill the tank with Tsunami E-liquid by unscrewing the mouth piece and squeezing the liquid into the tank at a slow rate. Hold the tank at a 35 degree angle and make sure the E-liquid is not going into the center of the tank where the coil is.

· Make sure the battery is active by pressing the battery button 5 times consecutively. The battery should flash 3 times showing its active.

· Click the battery button and attempt to draw the vapor.

· If the problem continues try to put the tank on a spare battery if you have one available. This is to diagnose if the battery is malfunctioning or if the tank is defective.

· Make sure to register your product at the Tsunami site to take advantage of your lifetime warranty.