Tsunami products are all covered under a lifetime warranty. The warranty guidelines are as follows; first you must register for your warranty @ http://tsunamicare.com/, once completed you must submit a claim and mail any defective parts in to us for replacement. There is a warranty fee of $5.00 per replacement part, unless waived by a customer care representative. If it has been 10 days of the purchase date, when you submit your claim and have a copy of your sales receipt you may send a copy of the receipt in with your claim and we will gladly waive your warranty fees. We stand behind our product and believe in providing superior customer service. Please let us know if there is any other way we can assist you with your warranty needs.

If you choose to utilize your warranty please send defective merchandise to


288 Robbins Dr.

Troy, MI 48083

*** Please note that using non Tsunami Certified Parts will void the warranty and any liability that Tsunami Hold for that Product.***